‘EIGHT PROFESSIONALS WORTH SPENDING MONEY ON, ‘ from Kiplinger Magazine. To lighten the load and reduce stress these eight pros are worth the money spent on them.

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If you need to lighten your work — or stress — load, let someone else do the heavy lifting. We have chosen eight professionals who can help make your life a little easier. Visit for phone numbers and Web sites to help you find local professionals.

Financial adviser

A financial planner can help ease the burden of saving for retirement or college, or managing investments. Choose an adviser who is paid a set fee or who works on commission, or a combination of the two. Cost: $100 to $300 per hour (fee-only).

Tax preparer

If you have a simple return but don’t want to do it yourself, try H&R Block or another commercial preparer. Need more guidance throughout the year or have a complicated tax situation? Consider a CPA. Cost: H&R Block patrons pay an average of $170; a CPA could charge from $150 to $500, depending on your situation.

Travel agent

An agent provides one-stop shopping for your next escape and can be especially valuable if you are venturing to a faraway destination. Cost: about $30 per person for a domestic trip, or $60 if you’re heading overseas or have an intricate itinerary (there may be no fee to book a cruise).

Medical-bills manager

A claims assistant can review your medical bills and organize paperwork as well as file, track and challenge your insurance claims. Cost: $60 to $120 per hour.

Elder caregiver

When you can’t be there, a caregiver can assist with daily tasks and errands, monitor medications and medical care, and provide companionship. Cost: $16 to $20 per hour.

Independent insurance agent

These brokers sell insurance from multiple carriers, so they can shop for the best policy. And they will help when you need to file a claim. Commissions on policies are typically the same as when you buy directly from the company.

College-admissions consultant

A consultant can identify schools tailored to your student’s interests, enforce deadlines, and supervise (but not write) applications and essays. Cost: $175 per hour on average, or about $3,800 for a two-year coaching program.

Professional organizer

This pro can tame your pack-rat tendencies, maximize closet space, help prepare boxes for a move or set up a system for filing paperwork. Cost: $40 to $200 per hour, or by flat fee per project.


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