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3-ALARM Funds

(Fund data as of July 31, 2009)

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The table below lists all of this month’s 3-ALARM funds, in alphabetical order. (By definition, a 3-ALARM fund has underperformed its respective benchmark for the past 12 months, three years, and five years.) The second column indicates each fund’s risk rating, as assigned by FundAlarm.

The following excerpts are taken from the FundAlarm discussion, “Deciding to Sell a Mutual Fund”:

What is the significance of a 3-ALARM fund? In general, a 3-ALARM fund is a strong candidate for sale, but a 3-ALARM fund is not necessarily an automatic sale. This is a very important distinction! In addition to the 3-ALARM designation, you should consider other information about your fund before making the “sell” decision, such as:

What is your fund’s median market capitalization?

How rapidly is your fund gaining or losing assets?

How risky has your fund been?

How has it performed in relation to its peer group?

How long has your fund had the same manager?

All of this additional information can be obtained from the FundAlarm data table.

Should I be alarmed if I own a 3-ALARM fund? Not necessarily. For example, many index funds are 3-ALARM funds, but only by a very slight margin. If you own a 3-ALARM index fund, or any other fund that is 3-ALARM by a slight margin, you can probably ignore the 3-ALARM designation.

For additional information on any 3-ALARM fund, go to the Search form and call up the fund’s data table.

Note: Many browsers are equipped with a “find on page” function.

If your browser has this feature, it may be located under the browser’s

“Edit” menu, and it can help you search for specific funds on this page.

View funds that are new to this month’s 3-ALARM list


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