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The Top 10 Free Sites to Find Reliable, Authentic Customer Product Reviews

Consumer reviews make purchasing products or services much easier. Unfortunately, you can’t always find an honest review for everything you need, but you can check these 10 websites to see if the product or service does have a consumer review listed somewhere online. Check these free consumer review websites before making big purchases like appliances, automobiles or electronics. Also try our number two pick, Angie’s List, to find reviews on service providers in your area.

Better Business Bureau for Consumers: The Better Business Bureau is the best place to find consumer reviews on businesses and their products. It’s free and easy to use. The Resource Library section provides consumers with tips on how to avoid scams, find a reliable business or service and alerts on scammers, bad business practices and other consumer-related news. You can even ask the BBB a question if you can’t find the answer on its extensive site.

Angie’s List: Angie’s List is a newcomer in consumer reviews and protections online, but it’s a great place to look for reviews on services anywhere from dentists to bricklayers. On Angie’s List, you’ll find more than 40,000 member reviews on services to help you find the best person or company for the job you need completed. This online consumer review community has received media attention from Good Morning America, U.S. News and World Report and Fox News. Don’t hire a contractor without checking it first.

Amazon: While technically Amazon is a consumer marketplace, reviews are abundant. You can find a review on practically everything sold on Amazon. Search the Amazon departments for the product, and review the search results to see if the product is listed on Amazon. If you find it (you probably will), you only need to click the link and scroll down the product page to see if any reviews are posted. It’s simple and you’ll usually find lots of good information from other consumers just like you.

BizRate: BizRate is a product of and posts user and consumer reviews on millions of stores and products. You can browse by departments like electronics or appliances to find exactly what you’re looking for. BizRate also allows users to compare prices online on the same or similar products from different retailers. The search bar is beyond easy to use because all you have to do is enter the product you’re shopping for and a list of pretty accurate results will appear in a matter of seconds.

Consumer Search: On Consumer Search, users can search for reviews and get the best information through the Consumer Search process. The website will find the most reliable reviews, analyze the reviewers opinions of products and even recommend what to buy based on the reviews. Consumer Search, a product of, doesn’t include press releases or advertisements in the review selection process so you get honest results. At, users can browse through a list of categories to find reviews and price comparisons on products listed online. All of the reviews are generated by members of the community. The website lists many different categories, but specializes in outdoor sporting goods and consumer electronics reviews.

Viewpoints: Viewpoints is an online review community that allows users to post advice on products, ask questions of other users about products before you buy and post reviews on products you love or hate. You’ll probably make a few friends too. Users can browse reviews by category, brand name or by product type. You can easily find consumer reviews on Viewpoints for free which is why it makes our list.

Rate It All: At Rate It All, you can find an opinion or review on just about anything from beauty products to pets. On the main page, you’ll find some of the most current reviews and posting topics listed along with a star rating system that describes the type of review – one star being the worst and five stars being the best possible scenario. Registration is free, but you don’t have to register to read the reviews. You must register to write a review however. The only drawback is that Rate It All can be a little random in its clickable results. The best way to find what you’re looking for is to use the search tool. is a free service for members that helps them find reviews on all types of products by category. Click on a category and you’ll find a mixed bundle of products with price comparisons and some consumer reviews. Not all products listed will have a rating unfortunately making this consumer review site semi-helpful, but still a good source of information for electronics reviews.

Epinions: At Epinions, consumers can find loads of reviews on products and services by category. The home page lists a bunch of the most helpful reviews found on Epinions, but the list is random at best. By joining for free you can also post reviews for other members and potentially earn money for being a top reviewer. The drawback? The money incentive may not provide the most honest and best reviews possible.

Best Paid Site for Consumer Reviews

Consumer Reports: Consumer is the most trusted paid resource for consumer reviews and independent analysis of products, services and businesses. Subscribe to the service for unlimited access for $26 a year or $6 a month automatically. You can find a review on just about anything from Consumer Reports.

Now that you are armed with these 10 websites to find the best products and services, hopefully you’ll never end up with a dud of a toaster again.


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